The TRESPASS brand was born in Glasgow, Scotland, over 80 years ago. It started out as a manufacturer of rugged workwear for Glasgow's industrial sector. Over the years these have started to give way to performance clothing for the outdoors.

The name TRESPASS is linked to Scotland's Right to Access Nature Public Access Rights were created by the Land Reform Act 2003 which gives the public the right to be on most land and of inland waters in Scotland and crossing them to reach further and enjoy the beauty of the land is part of the DNA of every Scotsman and every TRESPASS garment.

Canadians and Scots share a passion for the outdoors and its challenges no matter what and we know that choosing the right clothing was nothing possible.


- Because Scots know the weather

- Because TRESPASS offers superior value and performance

- Because the QikPac product line is convenient. Just get ready and go!

- And because you get the most incredible specs for the right price.

Affordable, versatile, durable and multifunctional, TRESPASS products are recognized worldwide, available from more than 66 countries and never compromise on quality or technical innovation.

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